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Thesis template for Latex conforming to Chalmers' regulations on reports.

Cut the crap. Where can I download?

ThesisTemplate.zip   Ready to compile .tex documents. (166 kB)
ThesisTemplate.pdf   Preview output. (328 kB)


Include, but not limited to:

Tested and working on:


Although Chalmers kindly provides opinions on how to write and how to design your thesis, they fail to provide templates to students in anything except Microsoft Word.

As of December 9, 2010, Chalmers official webpage states that templates will not be provided in any other formats. Being a school of Engineering and Natural Sciences this is of course ridiculous as the de facto standard of typesetting technical reports is Latex. At the time of writing this I have to produce a report and the natural thing was to create this template. The sharing is for the added cuddly feeling, as well as the opportunity to reproach Chalmers a bit.

Thank you!

You're welcome. My team of drunken Finnish rats are now working on the Latex command \generatereport to relieve us of actually writing the thesis content.


This is not an official Chalmers template. It is an unsupported replacement for the existing Word templates. If your examiner, supervisor or mother does not appreciate this template in spite of its awesomeness, there is nothing I can do nor be blamed for.